Jade Event – Burj Khalifa Projection
Our projection introduces the extraordinary HSBC Jade, outlining its exclusive and exquisite benefits. It pairs bold type with a visually immersive experience that delights viewers.  We use the Jade textures and colours to create 5 unique nebulas, one for each 5 virtue, and get our viewers to literally deep dive into them.
SFX: Special effect sounds help transition through the various morphs and movements.
MUSIC: We use highs and lows from one of our JMJ tracks to build momentum in the film.

Just 5 minutes before the projection starts, we propose that all lights at our event are dimmed really low and each of the 5 pods project a green beam towards the Jade hexagon, projected on the event floor, creating a light center.
Just as the projection is about to begin, a light shoots up from this center towards the Burj Khalifa and hits the building, kick-starting our projection.

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