Creative Brief: Lamb Weston New Packaging Launch
Objective: The objective of this creative project is to launch Lamb Weston's new packaging through an engaging road show film, followed by a captivating social media campaign. The video should attract attention, evoke appetite, and create a buzz around the product.
Target Audience: The target audience consists of food enthusiasts, restaurant owners, chefs, and consumers who appreciate high-quality, flavorful, and convenient food options. The focus is on reaching both industry professionals and end consumers.
Key Message: The key message to convey is that Lamb Weston's new packaging enhances the overall experience of their delicious products, showcasing their commitment to quality, freshness, and convenience. The video should highlight the appetizing nature of the food and generate excitement about the brand's offerings.
Creative Concept: The creative concept should revolve around the transformation that Lamb Weston's new packaging brings to the dining experience. It should emphasize the product's irresistible appeal, delicious taste, and ease of preparation.
Road Show Film (Duration: 2-3 minutes):
Show the journey of Lamb Weston's new packaging from concept to creation, highlighting its innovative features and benefits. Include visually stunning shots of the product, its ingredients, and the packaging in action, creating a sensory experience for the viewers. Showcase the product's versatility and ability to complement a wide range of dishes and dining occasions. Feature testimonials from chefs, food critics, and satisfied customers who have experienced the product's enhanced taste and convenience.
Social Media Campaign:
Utilize short snippets and captivating visuals from the road show film to create teaser trailers for social media platforms. Develop a series of short, engaging videos (15-30 seconds) that focus on specific product attributes, such as crispiness, flavor, and quick preparation. Incorporate mouthwatering visuals, close-up shots, and sizzling sounds to evoke appetite and create a sensory experience for viewers. Include calls to action, encouraging viewers to try the new Lamb Weston products and share their experiences using designated hashtags.
Key Deliverables:
Road show film (2-3 minutes) highlighting the new packaging and its benefits. Teaser trailers for social media platforms. A series of short, engaging videos (15-30 seconds) focusing on specific product attributes. Captivating visuals and compelling captions for social media posts.

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